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PSA Accuracy

Hello all, I had a PSA test 2 years ago. It was virtually zero. On  23/12/16 i had a "nodule" excised by my G.P. It was situated close to the collarbone, about the size of a blue boiling pea. It gave me no pain, but i insisted the G.P. remove it. He…

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Wife of Prostate Cancer Sufferer

Hi,I am a fit and healthy 56 year old wife and my husband was diagnosed in May just after turning 59.  We had just bought the long awaited holiday shack on the lake and with our youngest being in Year 12, were looking forward to "smelling the…

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37 Replies · Reply by magpie on Thursday

A Younger Mans Journey

HI everyone. I've started this discussion to provide some details about my Prostate Cancer journey as a 41 year old. I know there is others younger that go through this as well, however their stories and information is spread thin across the…

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66 Replies · Reply by Cobblerdave May 21

Costs of Treatment

I'd just like to ask how can the average person afford all this treatment?  I've been reading for days about the various treatment options we might have but I've come to the conclusion it all boils down to what you can afford, not what the best…

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19 Replies · Reply by Bianto May 12

What is HDRT Procedure

I have a PSA of 12 - Up from 6 I have just been informed my Gleason is 9 2 Local spots & HDRT recommended. The Urologist talked more about an op he did in 1995 (3 Times) & Mentioned most of the On Line Info was "B######T" I'm a Public Patient in…

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10 Replies · Reply by Wayne J May 11

There is a post op life...

To all reading this discussion, Don't lose hope on the incontinence problem.  I had a PSA of 14 and remain Gleason 9.  My surgery in Sept 2015 was extensive by consent and ultimately proved to have impacted the bladder sphincter and erectile…

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3 Replies · Reply by pmcg May 11

What I have been though

2015 was a tough year. On 22 June I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had a CT scan the following day. On the following Friday my car was run off the road and forced into a telegraph pole resulting in a fractured sternum and broken ribs. Whilst…

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1 Reply · Reply by maffy May 10

Dietary Products

I am 60's and reading this article that may trigger some feedbacks. Drinking 3 cups of coffee will minimise the risk of prostate cancer.

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9 Replies · Reply by Bianto May 10

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